Mountain Range Ranch

The Biography of Rick Macleod

Rick MacLeod grew up in a horse run world where at an early age he began using draft horses as a method for farming and wood hauling. He went on to participate in a variety of shows and winning various professional horse show awards, as well as riding on the rodeo circuit for two seasons. He then developed and ran draft horse clinics as well as became an expert farrier, welder and blacksmith where he became accomplished in building horseshoes and tack for draft horses.

As an animal lover many times in the world of horses Rick had witnessed how horses had been beaten into submission at the hands of untrained owners and knew that there was a more humane way to get your horse to work with and for you.

While he spent 5 years in Texas developing a horse-riding curriculum for the YMCA Camp Grady Spruce he met Clinton Anderson. Clinton Anderson is a world renowned horse trainer whose idea of training a horse fell along the same lines of Rick's training methods; How to make your horse a willing partner without the use of beaten submission.

Rick's method of natural horsemanship has proven to be very successful in all aspects of training your horse. Whether it be starting your horse, correcting behavioural problems, preparing for shows or just developing that connection between horse and rider. Rick can help build the partnership to where you will both be happy.