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Success Stories

just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the work you have done with Kristen and her horse Will, and the great results we have seen in such a short time. Although friendly,Will didn't seem to recognize his own size (16h) or respect Kristen's space until you taught her the simple techniques that got him focusing on her and keeping his distance until invited to "cuddle". And after the first trailering fiasco when we originally got him, we thought we'd never get him to load and stand quietly on a trailer. Now, after a few brief lessons with you,Kristen has only to point toward the trailer and he calmly steps on and waits to be secured.
Your methods have made her safer and more confident in working with him and have helped him to learn to trust her both on the ground and as a result, in the saddle.She may be only 100lbs, but she now has the skills to kindly but firmly demand the respect and attention of her

Kim Leffley

Success Stories

While working one of camp's riding horses a gentleman came to Rick and said "I have a horse that I bet you can't do anything with"

Reece went on to explain how this 3 year old paint had gone through 2 trainers and that the last trainer had ended up with serious injuries and advise Reece that the horse was crazy and he would be wise to sell it.

Reece said "Rick if you can't do anything with this horse it is going for dog food because of it's dangerous nature."

Rick took the 3 year old paint and applied his natural horsemanship technique and within 2 months the horse returned to it's owner a willing partner. Reece and his daughter now enjoy taking the paint to horseshows and playdays.

You see there was nothing DANGEROUS about this little paint mare. She just needed someone to understand she wanted to be a willing partner. Natural horsemanship saved her life.

While in Texas I had a fellow call me and ask if I thought I could shoe his horse. He said that in the past the only way this horse could be shod was with drugs. I told the gentleman to bring the horse on out to camp.

The fellow stated that if he hadn't have seen the natural horsemanship for his own eyes he wouldn't have believed it. I was able to put shoes on all 4 feet with him ground tied.

The next time he brought the horse for shoes he had brought another gentleman to see for his eyes the change in this horse.

When we moved to New York I had the most interesting phone call. Doug called me and asked if I could explain to his new farrier the steps I used to be able to shoe his horse because the new farrier was unable to put shoes on without using drugs.
Natural horsemanship works in all problem areas of your horse.
From a step #1 clinic
I felt it so important to participate in Ricks step 1 clinic because after watching Rick in a few demo’s and seeing what he was able to achieve with horses I went home and tried it with my four –hoofed friend, I became frustrated because I was not achieving the same results and I knew I was missing something. The something was what I learned in his clinics.

I found Rick’s clinic was a great approach to teaching people about horses and to teach horses to be good for . people.

Ricks step 1 approach emphasizes groundwork to establish boundaries and set up a communication with the horse. This included leading exercises, short and long reining, yielding & driving. It was a little frustrating trying to get used to the ropes but it all came together and allowed me to improve my skills on how to truly communicate with my horse through understanding rather than other ways I watched which included force, fear and intimidation. When I was able to achieve this I was ecstatic and my horse was relaxed and we were both responsive to each other.

I am so excited that he has steps ( clinics) that I can take to continue this journey with my horse and to build a better partnership between us.

If your not sure if natural horsemanship is for you and your horse go to audit the clinic, you’ll be back at the clinic as a participant the next time. Donna Wiggins Sussex, NB